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Updated 1-25-2018

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Tackling Life’s Stresses Naturally with Mae’s Healing Guidance

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Are you wanting answers to your questions about health issues, such as why cancer rates are increasing? Why there are more childhood disease? Why there is an increase in heart disease?

Marjorie Mae invites you into the “Healing Rooms” of this book, to find the answers you have been looking for. The information in this book will empower you to make the simple and low-cost lifestyle changes that may change your HEALTH.

Marjorie shares her testimony of how she experienced a total health breakdown and became allergic to every medicine that doctors had to offer as well as many environmental chemicals.

The exciting journey of her struggle back to health is an inspiration to teach you alternative methods that have saved lives throughout history.

Born during World War II, the author is passionate to coach you to vibrant energized health because she knows it’s never to late; never give up, never give up! Come on along.


"Welcome to Mae's Healing Rooms where you can learn how to heal yourself with the food you eat".

What you read here could extend your life and increase your quality of life. It could even save your life.

This website presents information for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a licensed health professional of your choice for advice and treatment regarding your own condition.

Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state included. Out of state, no taxes included.


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