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"Consider Your Ways"

This book is the best reference book for your health you will ever own.

ISBN: 978-0-692-00858-4

Are you ignoring your "Body Talk"? Are you full of S.I.P.? Is your health in an overdraft account? Would you exchange the "overdraft" for "Olympic Gold Health"? Are your children's behavior out of control?

The author, Marjorie Mae, challenges you to "consider your ways" and come into the "healing rooms" of this powerful, riveting book as she shared the true story of her total health crash and then her path to restoration of health.

Mae will open your eyes to all of the ways you can prevent going down the path of destruction in your health and most dramatically teaches you how to retain or regain vibrant energized health.

Marjorie Mae is an expert in health coaching, speaking and teaching natural remedies and foods that heal and promote health. She learned all of these lessons as she studied every healing modality in the "quest for health".

This book is unique in the total picture it offers you of how "silently" your health may be eroding and how to listen and "stop" the negative process.

Mae's passion is for you to become enlightened, encouraged, energized and empowered to take the journey to health. It is never too late. You can do it!

Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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