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"Mae's Healing Recipes"

Start today to try these delicious invigorating recipes to enjoy and live long!


Mae's Healing Recipe Book" is the most unique sought after and relevant recipe book in print. Each recipe is planned to reduce inflammation, nourish every organ and heal the body. These recipes are one of a kind, made with out sugar or gluten ingredients, so they are great for Celiac, lupus, Crohns, allergies and many other health challenges. The author Marjorie Mae developed them while she was going through her health crises and these recipes were her medicine to restore balance to her body.

Check out Cheryl's letter here regarding her experience after receiving Mae's Recipe Book: Part One and Part Two

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Note: All orders within South Dakota have 4% state tax included. Out of state, no taxes included.

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Mae's Healing Rooms ~ Phone (605) 787-6113

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